Do you believe “Your Mindset” is the key driver of your success ?

As it is rightly said - Life's Greatest Battles Are Fought Within The Silent Chambers Of The Mind – ezra taft benson

Here is my list of some affirmations which I practice on a daily basis that have made an impact and kept me laser focused
What’s yours??
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Entrepreneurship is all about walking on a path with a lot of dead ends. You get a lot of tight nasty blows from everywhere but ultimately you only win if you keep fighting in the ring rather than quitting and leaving; as we can’t crib about things sitting in the pavilion but we have to be there in the ring to fight and to get hit harder each time.
I have never seen a beautiful description of a phenomena what we as designers go through every breath of our life.
Its always the constant continuous fight with out little voice inside for its realization
And the master of the masters Mr. Rajkumar Hirani I have had a tremendous influence of Rajkumar Hirani in my life, architecture, design The 3 idiots movie was a wake up call for each one of us and that was when the rebel bug bit me hard This man has really rang the bell of our education system and that to with a gentle blow which he brilliantly does.
This sentence completely blew off hats over the head. How marvelously it’s been put, as it is applicable in each of our lives as architects, designers etc. its never a one person job. An architect or interior designer has already had the fame of getting the project tagged by his name and the rest can always be given to others who made it actually happen
In this fast moving world, we are only focused on mastering all the talent(skills) and completely eliminating the doing part. The herd mentality has become a new disease today which keeps you lost every time, constantly hunting and mastering the hottest skill in the market hoping it would bring success and finally the day never comes. So the circle goes on and on
As designers we are always waiting for the perfect idea to strike our mind(whether it would hit in our dreams or while sitting on our morning pot) to create a great masterpiece out of it, but success lies in taking action to put that idea on paper without to much of analysis paralysis. Later on, it can be turned into a marvelous design by spending more time on it.
I felt this was a perfect shoutout to each one of us because we always operate from a scarcity mind-set. You cant keep things in your pocket and ideas in you mind all the time with the fear of losing them to one another but it is like a relay race which needs to be passed on… to receive one Our end calculations are based on deeds, apart from the wealth earned because karma works like the Newton’s law
This is a bulls eye statement, Every time we procrastinate, trying to be perfect, but it is absolutely fine because you have a chance of correction No one is always right but when you accept the fact So when you have the gut to turn tables, you enjoy failing
Life is all about chaos…. Health, wealth, relationship, courier problems. These problems only grow bigger and making things complex The more simple we make it simple better it will be in the long run Take this up has a challenge and try to simplify things from your life too and you will see the change Try to Simplify design, Try to Simplify wealth, Try to simplify relationships, Try to simplify ideas, Try to simplify thoughts, Try and only try to simplify the complex………

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