7 Highly Effective Ways To Refresh Your Creativity

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Do you feel the creative juices aren’t flowing through smoothly ?

After hours of sitting on our drawing board solving a design problem there’s a traffic jam of ideas in your brain.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to take a break out from our drawing board to refresh the mind

So why not find your design idea in some other tasks?

It is not necessary that you will find that idea only sitting on your drawing board

So basically the ideas mentioned below are like exercises which activate different parts of your human body for e.g listening, drawing activities

Basically if you notice closely anytime design is actually found in activities that you do, music that you listen, mess that you clear etc.

So when your brain stops, start to search design ideas by performing in other activities

Because ultimately, its all about finding the top idea in your mind

It is very obvious as designers, our creative muscle must be nurtured daily to keep it well functioning

So here are the top 7 skill loopholes we need to master to keep us refreshed.

1. Meditate

Our wandering mind aka, monkey brain keeps jumping like a butterfly from one idea to another. It becomes very difficult to keep that at one place

Meditation helps relieve our subjective levels of anxiety and depression, and improve attention, concentration, and overall psychological well-being.

Meditation also instils the positivity in you, which can improve productivity

You can win by taking control over your mind

Meditation is often mistaken with finding peace, but it is the state to know the deeper you……

It is the process of training your mind to focus and redirect thoughts mainly


Time is not your valuable asset, your focus is

Focus is our weakest muscle

Due to lack of focus we fall prey to many shiny objects around

More than focused concentration we face a focus loss

The complete hierarchy of thinking is disturbed

Meditation helps to develop the strength and endurance of the focus muscle

It is this idea of self-awareness through meditation that has affected me deeply

You only know yourself to the extent; that you are defined by the outside environment

The inner environment is never visible to you and therefore you lose focus

When you are in a state of meditation you meet your inner friend closely and deeply

When you are in a state of calm, you see yourself more clearer than what is visible to people from outside

Slowly and gradually you start to take control of your thoughts and the mind develops more laser focus.

Pro Tip – Just sit with your back straight, eyes closed in one place for at least 15mins per day.

You will realise the short term magic just by opening your eyes after 15mins and a lifelong magic when it develops into a habit

2. Sleep time

alarm clock, bed, sleep-4568283.jpg

Sleep is costlier than gold for designers.

There are instances where we need to borrow our sleep time

Just like mind body needs time to relax

Overworking is not encouraged to an extent where you get tired and your eyes barely open

It is not about just being awake and present on the drawing board thinking even when the body is not responding just to please ourselves that we were awake till 5 in the morning

It all starts in the college studio, being termed as “night gang”

It is like a feeling of honour from outside

The night culture is encouraged and same is passed on to the fellow junior peers

It is not about pleasing anyone, but knowing our body better

You can’t build a monument just by 2 hours of sleep sacrifice

A good sleep boosts your creativity, improves memory performance and sharpens attention.

A good sleep will make your face glow and improve overall performance for the next day

A good sleep will reduce stress and keep you happier and smarter

A good sleep will reduce anxiety and be more rational in decision making.

Your sleep is more precious than gold

Your sleep will cause more wins

Pro Tip – Just Wake up every day thinking that you have to finish your day (with work) as per the planned framework for the day and in no case can be stretched, borrowing your sleep time

And the next day you will be more active and productive at the same time

3. Mandala Art

Design is a creative process

Every designer has their own way of gathering creativity

Art can be very beneficial in enhancing this creativity

Art rejuvenates and refuels new energy to take on the challenges.

Art can be therapeutic too

Mandala art is one such creative practise to boost and refresh your creativity

It acts as a therapy for creative professionals

Mandala art has the power to calm your busy mind from the design overload

It is the art of exploring the repetitive line work with circular forms in infinite ways along with colours

Colours radiate energy and different colours can cause different emotions to sprout out

This concept is not very new as we practise the essence of it daily

In the process of designing we often draw small artworks at the corners of the paper

That’s because we fear of the large paper size also

In a way, this is one type of refreshment for our brain to get prepared for the larger picture

It is nothing less than a refreshing phenomenon

We borrow time for that one top idea

Pro Tip – Whenever you face a creative block, just take a piece of paper and draw random patterns as shown in the image below and later try to colour it with different colours of your choice.

The repetitive drawing work along with the colours will relieve you from the bock.

4. Go for a Walk

This technique has actually worked wonders for me and I recommend it from my personal experiences

Whenever I am stuck with ideas on my drawing board, immediately I get up and go for a walk

The walk is usually to a tea stall, where you get to see a huge crowd

Your senses immediately energise after hearing the noise, seeing so many people, vehicles passing by because initially you were in a state of complete calm no one to look around

Meanwhile the idea is still tickling you in your head

You start to see the idea in someone else’s voice or someone else’s actions or even the scenery around that’s moving

So what do you think, actually happens?

Along with us we take our ideas also for a walk

You don’t have to leave the idea at home

Just like we take our dogs for a walk, ideas also need to be taken along


Steve Jobs the late co-founder of Apple was known for his walking meetings

Even for the launch of every Apple products, if you watch closely how Steve Jobs used to walk from one end to the other to reveal the ideas of his products

Filmmakers like Rajkumar Hirani also in a creative blockage take a stroll of the park and discover entire scenes in that time span

Pro Tip – Always preferably try to avoid vehicular commute when the distances are short and easily walk able

Try walking every day, be it morning or evening to relieve stress and discover new ideas

5. Drink Water

Water has had a strong connection with human beings right from the ancient period

Did you ever notice how energised we feel, just by seeing or being closer to it.?

Just imagine what would happen if we have it continuously in our body

Water has the tranquil power to calm the mind immediately

We feel refreshed and energised after a quick lukewarm shower

Water is like fuel for your energy

Energy is everything

Water affects your consciousness

Water is a magical substance for your body

Water plays an important role in keeping the brain healthy

Our brain constitutes around 80% water and out of which even 1% dehydration can make us feel tired

Dehydration due to water can reduce the cognitive functions and concentration levels

Drinking water regularly can keep your mood calm, and encourage new ideas to flow in

Constant design concentration causes a burnout very easily

It tends to suck the creative juices out one of them being water

So it is advisable to keep the body hydrated from time to time

Pro Tip – According to research, there’s a simple formula to follow when it comes to water consumption which says,

1) Firstly calculate your weight in kg

2) Divide your weight by 30 (let’s say your weight is 60, so you need to consume 2 litres of water)

3) If you work out, then add approx. 350ml per half hour of your work out

4) Out of all this water consumption, you need not worry as 20-25% is covered in the food you consume so you need to take care of only rest 80%.

6. Listen to Podcasts, interviews

“You should be a good listener first  to become a good designer”

To be a good designer you should be a good listener first


Voice has a unstoppable and unshakable power

Between popping notifications, mental lists and news that never stops coming we’ve forgotten to listen to people

There’s a bridge created between the knowledge transfer medium from human to human

We are used to only talking and reacting to situations

And the listening has lost its place

It is rightly said that,

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply”-Stephen R. Covey

You should be a sponge to suck out ideas and store it in the creative tank

So it gets deep rooted in us and can be used whenever needed

Pro Tip – Tune in to any of your favourite people’s podcasts or interviews who you really admire the most

Preferably, close your eyes to reduce visual distraction and just continue listening to the audio

Try this for the next 21 days and it will form into a habit

It’s one form of a meditation and you will be energised quickly to be more productive in your work

Pro Tip – Tune in to your favorite podcast playlist and see the magic unfold as soon as you open your eyes after listening to the ENTIRE show.

7. Talk to people

It is most likely to refresh your brain while talking to your friends

When speaking to friends the idea is still present in your subconscious mind, and you start to see that more clearly in course of the discussion

Associating yourself with creative thinkers and doers allows you to learn new things and expand your horizons.

You can learn from their mistakes, take inspiration from their ideas and share your creative problems with them, so that they can be solved

By sharing ideas with friends you constantly improve your ideas

But there is also a downside to this, as Jim Rohn aptly points out,

 “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” 


You are influenced by the people around you

Unknowingly, there is a transmission of energies

The people we surround ourselves with have a larger influence on our behaviour, activities and results ultimately.

Not only financial audits but people audits around you is also essential

You can accelerate your personal growth in whatever direction you desire to take it to

You can’t hang out with negative people and aspire for a positive life.

Pro Tip – I have had friends with whom I’ve had intense never ending architectural discussions which has helped me grow in my career provided you first question, Am I hanging out with the right people for the right feedback?


There are many more such skills that require to be highlighted, but amongst all these 3 are the most important skills which we can’t live without today

Faster you get on to practise these better it would be and by the time you are on field for starting your practise you will be rich in these which will help your business grow and scale.

Well, do let me know below what more such skills that are necessary and left out in the formal education.

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