8 Super Smart Ways To Organize Your Life As A Designer

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Benjamin Franklin said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

So, ORGANIZE is the real buzz word here….

So when your life is not organised in the first place, your design life will definitely be unorganized.

Because, how you do anything is how you do everything.

1. Develop up a Routine

A routine is like a daily ritual which we follow in our everyday life, right from rising in the bed to going back to sleep in the night.

Whatever we follow repeatedly starts to become a habit, an habit starts to become our routine

Organization is like a important twig of our daily life tree

So when organization is inculcated in our daily habits it starts to become a habit and ultimately develops into a routine

A strong and structures powerful routine is the key to lead a clutter free life.

A little bit every day, will keep the mess monster away.

2. A Clearly Defined Home

A home is a physical space where you rise to and return after all your tasks

So taking the idea of the same phenomena

Even the things that we use need to fall in place or get back to their home after the work is done

So just imagine the impact it could make if all the things that we use go their homes after use

How Organised the entire cycle would seem?

And soon it will become a habit.

Have you noticed this?

Every living being on this planet comes to a place finally at the end of the day after finishing up his daily chores

It is because somewhere, knowingly or unknowingly they have been following the same path everyday

3. Keep Only What You Need

It is rightly said that,

“If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

This quote by Warren Buffet is related to finance but the same thing applies to our daily life also

We have a long old tradition of storing things which are not needed and even necessary

Necessity is the key which drives authority

You have got to take authority of your things

Otherwise things will start taking your authority

It all starts with organizing our wardrobe

Having said that the top famous personalities of the world have a very minimal wardrobe as they do not want to waste time in figuring out what to wear

Start living a minimalist lifestyle, right from owning materialistic things to your daily habits.

4. Don’t Procrastinate

Oh God!

This is our favourite habit in life

We often like to postpone things to tomorrow

Then tomorrow we postpone it to the day after that

And the cycle of pushing things starts to continue day by day and finally year by year

Due to this the fear of insecurity, incapability kicks in and many more…

But now for a moment just do a flip side

And start from organizing your bed first, because

The state of your bed is the state of your head

The former Navy Seal Admiral William H. McRaven has said it beautifully as,

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

Making a bed might feel simple,

But the idea behind it is when you can do the simple things right

It is like a direct reflection on to our life has to how we can “make our life”

So if we can make our bed right, we definitely can make our life right.

5. Time Management

Time and Tide wait for no man

So try and make Time your best friend or in no time it may become your worst enemy

You have to make time your best friend

You have to take control over your time

You have to learn to manage your time well

The ability to manage your time can help you manage anything in your life

6. Goal Setting


We as architects love quotes like,

Ideas without limits, fears and boundaries

There are no limits to ideas

Design starts with an uninterrupted flow of ideas

With the uninterrupted flow of ideas you immerse yourself deep down

Time passes by and this process continues to go

In the whole process we don’t realise where exactly we are supposed to reach!

What is the outcome of our design?

And this is where the problem lies,

Instead, if the process would have started with setting a clear goal, intentions

The setting will provide a framework

With the framework we understand the step by step process to reach our goal

So it is very important to set goals for Architects/ Designers

So I always prefer to set the end goal first

So, relating to an example of working in AutoCAD for a presentation

Even before starting to design on paper the nameplate and scale of the drawing needs to be fixed first, so that there is no end rush

7. Desk Organization

The state of your working desk reflects the state of your personality,

The kind of designer you are,

It is your personalized and private space

It is the desk where marvellous ideas take birth

So if the desk is not tidy the ideas get produced may also not

Because everything suggests something

To work on design, consistent undivided attention is required

So when the brain sees a visual clutter, it starts to take sending message of a sense of discomfort

The part attention from the design gets divided

A working desk should be treated like a sacred space for an architect

Where no activities like eating, sleeping etc should be done

It should be meant as a zone of concentration.

8. Use of Digital Brains

The most important thing in the life of a designer is his workstation

Paper is found to be the biggest enemy of digital brain

Digital Brain here is referred to as the memory of our workstation

The digital brain has a potential to store all the information systematically

It provides with immense flexibility

So, digital brain is the solution right?

It is often said that some things which are good also have a downside

Similarly the digital brain being so flexible and efficient, it is the human brain that is the cause of its downside

Just by renaming and maintaining a proper folder system can solve a lot of it

There is a common pattern which is observed when it comes to “Renaming files”

Imagine when people are born and till the death they don’t have name

How difficult it would be when a group of people come together at once

So the appropriate naming is important in our life

We have a particular name by which people can start a conversation

We have a designation by which people can recognize and

The work we do makes people remember again our name

So it is all about the names, names, and names!!!

Names have meaning

Names have purpose

Names have some value

Here are some, most often architects give –

“new”, “newer”, “newest”

“final”, “final final”, “final full n final”

It becomes a digital dump yard and causes one a lot of grief

If this continues then except God, no one can help you

If you can make friendship with the so called, “Google Drive”

It will be a blessing not only for you but also your colleagues working on the same project.

So whatever work is done can be synched with Google Drive and there is no loss of your files or data and you can work peacefully on your project.

Do you want to know how I manage my digital brain

This is how i use my Digital Brain


The only Pro tip which I follow and make people around me follow is to always be or think like an EDITOR, as they say “Editors are the best Directors”.

It is a simple analogy of discarding things which are not necessary in your mind itself before even they start to manifest in physical means

By following this simple tip and definitely you can lead a clutter free life as a human being and also as a designer.

How do you Stay Organized?

It doesn’t mean that when you are living a clean life your work life is organized, in fact it is not in most of the cases

Because, again

How you do anything is how you do everything

As staying organized is the one key to success,

Hopefully these tips can help you start organizing better and save your time

It will start to improve day by day, but starting is important

What tips and tricks do you use to take control of your projects?

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