Top 3 Skills That You Cannot Survive Without As A Designer

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Oh well, I would like to start off with a small comparison, in terms of intensity

I would take this opportunity to comment that Designers get immersed in design to the extent as that of one being in a  state of having Marijuana (it’s that difficult to come out of it) be it architects or interior designers and I may not be wrong with this

We fail to see the edge beyond that and it is made to sound so astronomical that we lose the complete essence

This answer is very simple, Schools injected this ideology and we followed it

We lacked the quality to question of what would be the outcome of any decision taken

The real world demands something completely different from what it is being taught at schools and there is a huge gap created between the profession and the formal education

Nonetheless, even I was the scapegoat of the same and things are pretty hard to unlearn

Here are the top 3 skill loopholes we need to master

1. Business skills

Gone are the times where word of mouth was the ultimate source of work

Times have changed

People have become smart

Competition is spreading like fire

We can’t stand in a desert and say “Oh yeah, the right client will find me” or “People will come looking at my design”

Design is ultimately a business

When you treat it like a business it will treat you back like a business

Business requires the coordination of Mind and Heart

Business cannot be done without Mind and Heart

Design should be thought through your heart

Business should be done through your mind

For running a successful business you should get into the habit of networking

Tim Sanders rightly points out “Your network is your net worth”

The idea of networking today in this digital world is getting diluted

Network doesn’t only mean liking and posting pictures on social media

Check this out what Google has to say on networking

So networking is a process of interaction

An interaction in which there is a value exchange

Be it Social or Professional interaction

Social contacts are the friends that we often hang out with

Professional contacts are the people who get attracted through some value exchange

It’s very obvious that Professionally People will only get attracted to you only if they see value in you

Therefore, your identity is very important, both personally and digitally

Both the identities should be equally compelling

And the identity which will make you reach out to maximum prospects is termed as the “Internet Identity”

Crafting your very own unique identity is widely left out skill in the school books

A strong identity will act as a face for your brand

So your brand value can become your face value

2. Communication Skill

Most often the common pattern that is observed is that “I will not speak, my design will speak for me”

This is the most bullshit statement which is widely heard from designers

The design process makes us so blindfolded that we don’t feel the need to effectively communicating it

An amoeba like envelope of design is formed around us

Day by Day and year by year it only tends to expand

And there is where the problem kicks in

Our voice starts getting dumped as the amoeba of design expands

The silence is the killer here

A lot of time, energy, efforts are put into the ideological process of any design

These ideas have caused a lot of sleepless nights to crack that one idea

The viewer seeing your design, at any point doesn’t realise the sleepless nights that are gone to establish that one top idea

He only wants to know your narrative behind that idea

He wants to understand the way you have handled the problem

He just wishes to listen how the end user can benefit from it

A good design backed with a strong narrative is more potent as compared to good design with an average or no narrative

Communicating with the right hook words will keep his attention

It’s all about getting his undivided attention towards your design with some powerful hooks

The game is not over until yet, the strong narrative continues to engage the viewer and ultimately selling him that great idea.

Ideas may not be great, but can be made by communicating well

It is not a skill that you develop overnight, but gets better as you master it with time

It is rightly said “Better late than never”

Sooner you master it better it will be for you to persuade people to buy your ideas

Sadly, it is a truth and we can’t get over this skill

There are too many stake holders to handle and be answerable to in the game

So this remains one of the top notch skills we can’t get over without

3. Time Management

Time is the enemy of any designer

Because it is said that “Ideas have no boundaries”

We start to take it in literal way

Rather it should be balanced equally

Once you master the balance between time and design you have mastered it all

You can run way ahead than your competition

Because very few designers have these two qualities balanced

Some of them are very good in design but fail to manage time and vice versa

If you observe carefully the top 4% architects/ interior designers in the industry today are rich with these qualities

It is not other architects and interior designers lack in design but time sets them back

Time management has become a skill today

Robin Sharma says, “Time Management is Life Management”

It is as simple as, the one who leads time, leads competition

Gradually it becomes important to master the skill of buying time

Time has an impact on our health too

The effects of time are not only on our career but our health too

Lack of time management can lead to over working, over stretching yourself beyond a limit, especially during design submissions

I remember, Once someone asked Shahrukh Khan what is the top skill that is going to get paid the highest in 2050, and his answer was simply human management


By 2050 the technological advancements would be at such high peak that people will forget living the normal way

They will require people to do the job of managing time for them

Efficient and effective time management is the key today

So, Be a smart investor of your time


There are many more such skills that require to be highlighted, but amongst all these 3 are the most important skills which we can’t live without today

Faster you get on to practise these better it would be and by the time you are on field for starting your practise you will be rich in these which will help your business grow and scale

Well, do let me know below in the comment section the top quality skills that are necessary according to you which are missing in the formal education system

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